How to Encourage Shoppers to Step Inside Your Boutique Truck

How to Encourage Shoppers to Step Inside Your Fashion Truck

It sounds crazy, but it can be a challenge: mobile boutiques are still so new, people aren't used to seeing trucks you can shop in. Sometimes shoppers are unsure that they're actually allowed — and encouraged! — to shop inside your truck. Depending on your setup, some shoppers might assume you live inside your truck.

If you find that shoppers are hesitant to actually step inside your truck, you might want to consider making some changes to your setup to provide cues that it's okay to get on board.

1. Get a chalkboard sign

Believe it or not, a handwritten sign on an easel is one of the easiest ways to let shoppers know they're supposed to get inside the truck to continue shopping. A chalkboard easel like this one makes it easy to experiment with different language and slogans. Some examples:

  • Come in, we're awesome
  • Sale items inside (or $5 stuff inside!)
  • Step inside the truck!
  • Dressing rooms — and more stuff! — inside
  • Get on the bus and shop!

2. Make sure your interior is well-lit

Lighting the interior of your mobile boutique is usually an ongoing project. What you start with at build-out may not be what continues to work as your shop's inventory and interior evolves. However, there are quick and easy fixes if you find that your interior lighting isn't making your space feel inviting. Battery-powered stick-on LED lighting looks professional and helps with under-shelf illumination, although it typically doesn't last very long. You can also use under-cabinet LED tape light or indoor/outdoor wedding lights to add some quick, inviting ambient light to your interior. A basic upright torchiere floor lamp, like this one from Ikea, can also do the trick.

3. Use your words!

This sounds so basic it's almost not worth writing here, but many people forget that a simple verbal invite is all people need sometimes to know that it's okay to board the truck! While it may feel repetitive to continually invite people to step inside during the course of an event, consider how many sales you lose when people don't see the inventory on your truck.

4. Get stairs or a ramp

Some shoppers may not be able to make the physical step up into the back of a truck with a tall floor height, so consider getting a portable step or ramp outside your truck. Some spa supply shops sell hot tub steps, like this spa step, that are easy to break out for an event and store when not in use.

5. Let inventory spill out a little bit

You don't want the interior inventory to feel like it's off limits or in storage, so create an overflow area where interior inventory "sticks out" the back or out the door.

6. Play music

Playing great shopping music (not too loud!) inside the truck provides another cue that shopping takes place inside, too — and that it's okay to go in. Background noise makes shoppers more comfortable; they don't feel like you're eavesdropping on everything they're saying or ready to pressure them into a sale.

7. Put sale items on the inside

Discounted items or fun "dig through" bins, like $1 records, gives people another non-committal reason to check out your truck's interior. Shoppers might get the impression that everything inside the truck will be expensive, so they're reluctant to board. (Keep in mind some shoppers feel guilt about looking and not buying, so to avoid that feeling they avoid going inside altogether!) Placing clearly marked sale items inside the truck makes shoppers feel like they can go inside to either find a bargain or at least purchase something inexpensive to make you happy!

What tactics have you used to get people to shop inside the truck?