Reflections on the Grand Opening of My Mobile Boutique in Denver: Simply Guapa

We're following Ryan on her journey as she opens her mobile boutique, Simply Guapa, in Denver. In the last few posts, Ryan described how she planned her truck build-out and how she got the idea to open a mobile boutique. Now, a few weeks post-launch, she shares how her May 30 grand opening at the Denver Beer Company turned out.

How did the launch go? Were you ready?

The launch was truly awesome. And such a blast! I was ready thanks to my amazing support and day-of help. Colorado had been getting obscene amounts of rain, super out of the ordinary for this state. So I had plans to do some pre-launch merchandising to be ready to easily and quickly set up on the day of the launch. Unfortunately, between my full-time day job and all the rain, I never had the chance to test merchandise on shelves. So on the morning of the launch we went early to Denver Beer Co. (the brewery where the launch would be taking place that afternoon), unpacked all the boxes of merchandise in the street, and started the shelving puzzle!

I was definitely anxious because in my mind everything went together in a really cohesive way, but as I hadn't yet displayed it on shelves I had no idea how it would all come together. I'm really happy with how it turned out. The merchandise really pops on the shelves and, in my opinion, there's a lot of diversity but it definitely has a cohesive feel.

The day was just really fun and it seemed as though everyone who stopped by had a great time and gave really great feedback. I didn't have high sales expectations for the launch day. I truly wanted to have a fun afternoon and finally get Simply Guapa on the streets of Denver. Sales totals for the opening were definitely enough to keep me happy!

What did you make?

I did just shy of $800 in sales.

That's amazing! Was there anything you felt that didn't go well, or could have gone better?

I think the location was great and am super appreciative of Denver Beer Co. for hosting the launch! However, I wish I had done a better job engaging their patrons. I got quite a bit of foot traffic but think I could have done more to invite the brewery customers in to check out the shop.

Also, it was a super hot day and the icing on the cupcakes melted. I'll take it.

Anything you didn't plan for that you wish you would have planned for?

I wish I had gotten around to merchandising before the actual launch day, if only to decrease day-of stress! There are also super little, silly things, like I had a few bag sizes but found out based on customer purchases that I was missing a medium size bag in the mix. Totally trivial but amazing what you learn in an instant once things are up and running!
What kind of people came out? Were they your ideal customer? Were people looking or were they just buying or both?

The support was out of this world! I had friends come by, people who heard about the launch on social media or via flyers, and there was a fair amount of foot traffic as the street where the brewery is sees quite a bit of action on Saturdays. Everyone that came out was wonderful. I got a ton of great feedback and people just seemed super excited about the merchandise and truck set up. I'd say there were some people just checking it out (or in it for the free cupcakes!) but definitely people there to buy. It was exciting to have new customers posting photos of their merch on Instagram — definitely felt encouraging to have such a phenomenal response!

What's next for you?

I plan to keep learning and growing! I'm sorting through summer events and vendor fees, trying to find the sweet spot in terms of getting in front of a lot of people and also staying within my operating budget. Also working through the logistics of back stock and when I'll have to plan a trip back to Mexico. (I know, big bummer!)