Choosing the Best Generator for Your Fashion Truck

Choosing the Best Generator for Your Fashion Truck

Buying an external generator for your fashion truck is important if you want to install lights, air conditioning or heat, or run music or fans in your truck. But how do you know which generator to choose?

Picking the best generator for your fashion truck is simple if you stick to a few cardinal rules: you want something quiet, reliable, and with enough wattage to power the electric-powered elements in your truck. You can determine the wattage for the generator you need by adding up the wattage of all the equipment you want to power through the generator. 

Next, you want to decide if you want to use a portable generator or install something in your truck. Installing a generator in your fashion truck can be costly ($4k-7k for a custom cut-out and installation), but you can save on the back-end with the security of a generator that can’t be stolen.

It’s worth it to spend a few extra dollars to get the right generator — one that you can rely on — rather than try to save money getting a piece of equipment that could break down on you in the middle of an important event. Consider purchasing from a reputable dealer or online resource with a warranty.

Also keep in mind that, depending on what state you’re operating in, you may need to use/install a CARB-compliant generator that meets emissions standards. 

The best generators for fashion trucks are those that are tried and true in the mobile boutique community. We’ve done some research in blogs, forums, and among the leaders in the fashion truck community to pull together this list of the best generators so you can make the right choice for your truck, mobile boutique setup, and budget.

This 2000-watt inverter generator is a favorite in the mobile boutique community because of its lightweight portability and super quiet motor.

This 4000-watt gasoline-powered generator is an economical choice if you’re looking to get a generator installed on your truck. 

This 2000-watt gas-powered generator is an inexpensive, CARB-compliant option for fashion truck owners looking for a reliable starter generator that meets emissions standards.

This Hyundai has a 2600-watt capacity and is CARB-compliant — and is significantly cheaper than other generators with the same capacity and emissions standards. Great if you need portability, lots of power and need to consider environmental regulations.

Many fashion truck owners consider the Smarter Tools generator to be the best option for the price and appreciate the handy USB charging outlet it’s outfitted with.



This list was compiled by sifting through recommendations from a handful of fashion truck owners. But remember, there are quite a few considerations that go into the purchase of your fashion truck generator. Do your research on emissions standards, wattage and electrical needs first.